The CLI tool chainctl helps you interact with the account model that Chainguard provides. The tool uses the familiar <context> <noun> <verb> style of CLI interactions. Below find the current reference for chainctl.

To install chainctl, follow the installation guide.

chainctl auth
chainctl auth configure-docker
chainctl auth login
chainctl auth logout
chainctl auth status
chainctl clusters
chainctl clusters cidrs
chainctl clusters cidrs list
chainctl clusters describe
chainctl clusters install
chainctl clusters list
chainctl clusters open
chainctl clusters print-config
chainctl clusters profiles
chainctl clusters profiles list
chainctl clusters records
chainctl clusters records list
chainctl clusters records vulns
chainctl clusters records vulns describe
chainctl clusters records vulns list
chainctl clusters search
chainctl clusters uninstall
chainctl clusters update
chainctl clusters workloads
chainctl clusters workloads list
chainctl config
chainctl config edit
chainctl config reset
chainctl config save
chainctl config set
chainctl config unset
chainctl config validate
chainctl config view
chainctl events
chainctl events subscriptions
chainctl events subscriptions create
chainctl events subscriptions delete
chainctl events subscriptions list
chainctl iam
chainctl iam account-associations
chainctl iam account-associations check
chainctl iam account-associations check aws
chainctl iam account-associations check gcp
chainctl iam account-associations describe
chainctl iam account-associations set
chainctl iam account-associations set aws
chainctl iam account-associations set gcp
chainctl iam account-associations unset
chainctl iam account-associations unset aws
chainctl iam account-associations unset gcp
chainctl iam folders
chainctl iam folders delete
chainctl iam folders describe
chainctl iam folders list
chainctl iam folders update
chainctl iam identities
chainctl iam identities create
chainctl iam identities create github
chainctl iam identities create gitlab
chainctl iam identities delete
chainctl iam identities describe
chainctl iam identities list
chainctl iam identities update
chainctl iam identity-providers
chainctl iam identity-providers create
chainctl iam identity-providers delete
chainctl iam identity-providers list
chainctl iam identity-providers update
chainctl iam invites
chainctl iam invites create
chainctl iam invites delete
chainctl iam invites list
chainctl iam organizations
chainctl iam organizations describe
chainctl iam organizations list
chainctl iam role-bindings
chainctl iam role-bindings create
chainctl iam role-bindings delete
chainctl iam role-bindings list
chainctl iam role-bindings update
chainctl iam roles
chainctl iam roles capabilities
chainctl iam roles capabilities list
chainctl iam roles create
chainctl iam roles delete
chainctl iam roles list
chainctl iam roles update
chainctl images
chainctl images diff
chainctl images list
chainctl images repos
chainctl images repos list
chainctl policies
chainctl policies apply
chainctl policies delete
chainctl policies edit
chainctl policies list
chainctl policies update
chainctl policies versions
chainctl policies versions activate
chainctl policies versions diff
chainctl policies versions list
chainctl policies versions view
chainctl policies view
chainctl update
chainctl version