chainctl auth configure-docker

chainctl auth configure-docker

Configure a Docker credential helper

chainctl auth configure-docker [flags]


      --headless                   Skip browser authentication and use device flow.
  -h, --help                       help for configure-docker
      --identity string            The unique ID of the identity to assume when logging in.
      --identity-provider string   The unique ID of the customer managed identity provider to authenticate with
      --identity-token string      Use an explicit passed identity token or token path.
      --org-name string            Organization to use for authentication. If configured the organization's custom identity provider will be used
      --parent string              The IAM organization or folder with which the pull-token identity is associated.
      --pull-token                 Whether to register a pull token that can pull images
      --save                       If true with --pull-token, save the pull token to the Docker config
      --ttl duration               For how long a generated pull-token will be valid. (default 720h0m0s)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --api string        The url of the Chainguard platform API. (default "")
      --audience string   The Chainguard token audience to request. (default "")
      --config string     A specific chainctl config file. Uses CHAINCTL_CONFIG environment variable if a file is not passed explicitly.
      --console string    The url of the Chainguard platform Console. (default "")
      --issuer string     The url of the Chainguard STS endpoint. (default "")
  -o, --output string     Output format. One of: ["", "json", "id", "table", "terse", "tree", "wide"]
  -v, --v int             Set the log verbosity level.


  • chainctl auth - Auth related commands for the Chainguard platform.

Last updated: 2024-06-04 22:20