chainctl auth login

chainctl auth login

Login to the Chainguard platform.

chainctl auth login [--invite-code=INVITE_CODE] [--identity-token=PATH_TO_TOKEN] [--identity=IDENTITY_ID] [--identity-provider=IDP_ID] [--org-name=ORG_NAME] [--social-login={google|github|gitlab}] [--headless] [--prefer-ambient-credentials] [--refresh] [--output table|id|json|none]


  # Default auth login flow:
  chainctl auth login
  # Refreshing a token within a Kubernetes context:
  chainctl auth login --identity-token=PATH_TO_TOKEN --refresh
  # Register by accepting an invite to an existing location
  chainctl auth login --invite-code eyJncnAiOiI5MzA...


      --headless                     Skip browser authentication and use device flow.
  -h, --help                         help for login
      --identity string              The unique ID of the identity to assume when logging in.
      --identity-provider string     The unique ID of the customer managed identity provider to authenticate with
      --identity-token string        Use an explicit passed identity token or token path.
      --invite-code string           Registration invite code.
      --org-name string              Organization to use for authentication. If configured the organization's custom identity provider will be used
      --prefer-ambient-credentials   Auth with ambient credentials, if present, before using a supplied identity token.
      --refresh                      Enable auto refresh of the Chainguard token (for workloads).
      --social-login string          Which of the default identity providers to use for authentication. Must be one of: google, github, gitlab
      --sts-http1-downgrade          Downgrade STS requests to HTTP/1.x
      --validate                     Validates token after exchange (default true)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --api string        The url of the Chainguard platform API. (default "")
      --audience string   The Chainguard token audience to request. (default "")
      --config string     A specific chainctl config file. Uses CHAINCTL_CONFIG environment variable if a file is not passed explicitly.
      --console string    The url of the Chainguard platform Console. (default "")
      --issuer string     The url of the Chainguard STS endpoint. (default "")
  -o, --output string     Output format. One of: ["", "json", "id", "table", "terse", "tree", "wide"]
  -v, --v int             Set the log verbosity level.


  • chainctl auth - Auth related commands for the Chainguard platform.

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