Image Overview: argocd

Overview: argocd Chainguard Image

argocd Declarative continuous deployment for Kubernetes.

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Using argocd

ArgoCD provides two upstream methods for installing, helm, and raw manifests.

The Chainguard Images for ArgoCD are designed to be a drop in replacement for either method. To use them, simply replace the appropriate image: path with the Chainguard specific ArgoCD image. Below is an example values file for doing this with helm:


Using the above values, the helm commands become:

helm repo add argo

helm install argocd argo/argo-cd \
	--namespace argocd \
	--create-namespace \
	--set global.image.repository="" \
	--set global.image.tag="latest" \
	--set repoServer.image.repository="" \
	--set repoServer.image.tag="latest"

Note the multiple images: argocd and argocd-repo-server. See the components section below for more info.

NOTE: Setting the tag to “latest” is not recommended, and only shown for illustrative purposes.

Optionally, you can use Chainguard Images to replace the other ArgoCD dependencies:

    tag: latest

    tag: latest

ArgoCD Components

ArgoCD is comprised of multiple components that all share the same image.

Keeping in line with the philosophy of minimal components in Chainguard images, we chose to split this up to keep the number of packages in the components to a minimum. This means the overall number of images increases, but the size and complexity of each image is reduced to (almost) the bare minimum needed to function.