Image Overview: aws-ebs-csi-driver-fips

Overview: aws-ebs-csi-driver-fips Chainguard Image

Minimal images for aws-ebs-csi-driver.

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Since this application requires AWS credentials to be set up, we should create the required permissions before deploying it.

To do that, you can follow up on the official documentation here.

But for the sake of simplicity, we can create the Kubernetes secret resource called aws-secret with the proper options key_id and access_key:

kubectl create secret generic aws-secret \
    --namespace kube-system \
    --from-literal "key_id=${AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID}" \
    --from-literal "access_key=${AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY}"

There are several methods to deploy the driver, but we will use the helm method.

We should add the aws-ebs-csi-driver Helm repository to our repositories list:

helm repo add aws-ebs-csi-driver
helm repo update

Next, we can install the driver with the following command:

helm upgrade --install aws-ebs-csi-driver \
    --namespace kube-system \
    --set \
    --set image.tag=latest \

Once the driver has been deployed, verify the pods are running:

kubectl get pods -n kube-system -l

Last updated: 2024-04-11 12:38