Image Overview: bun

Overview: bun Chainguard Image

Minimal image with bun tool.

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The bun image contains the bun CLI and is most similar to the upstream distroless variant.

To get started:

$ docker run
Bun is a fast JavaScript runtime, package manager, bundler, and test runner. (1.0.20 (09d51486))

Usage: bun <command> [...flags] [...args]

  run       ./my-script.ts       Execute a file with Bun
            lint                 Run a package.json script
  test                           Run unit tests with Bun
  x         prisma               Execute a package binary (CLI), installing if needed (bunx)
  repl                           Start a REPL session with Bun

  install                        Install dependencies for a package.json (bun i)
  add       svelte               Add a dependency to package.json (bun a)
  remove    @evan/duckdb         Remove a dependency from package.json (bun rm)
  update    jquery               Update outdated dependencies
  link      [<package>]          Register or link a local npm package
  unlink                         Unregister a local npm package
  pm <subcommand>                Additional package management utilities

  build     ./a.ts ./b.jsx       Bundle TypeScript & JavaScript into a single file

  init                           Start an empty Bun project from a blank template
  create    @zarfjs/zarf         Create a new project from a template (bun c)
  upgrade                        Upgrade to latest version of Bun.
  <command> --help               Print help text for command.

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Last updated: 2024-04-11 12:38