Image Overview: busybox

Overview: busybox Chainguard Image

Container image with only busybox and libc (available in both musl and glibc variants). Suitable for running any binaries that only have a dependency on glibc/musl.

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The image is available on

docker pull


Chainguard offers two different variations of the busybox Image. Both contain the BusyBox software but are built against different variants of libc:

  • latest, meant for variants based on musl
  • latest-glibc, meant for variants based on glibc

You can ensure that either of these Images are working correctly by testing that they can run commands and return output. The following commands will both return hello world! in your terminal:


docker run -it echo hello world!


docker run -it echo hello world!

Also, note that you can open an interactive shell on either version of the Image with command like the following:

docker run -it sh

Last updated: 2024-04-11 12:38