Image Overview: cass-operator

Overview: cass-operator Chainguard Image

cass-operator, is a Kubernetes operator for managing Apache Cassandra. It automates tasks like deployment, scaling, and configuration management, facilitating the integration of Cassandra clusters with Kubernetes environments.

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cass-operator is a Kubernetes operator, which can be deployed using helm. Refer to the upstream repositories documentation for how to get started with cass-operator.

To use our minimal, wolfi-based image with this Helm chart you’ll need to override the image used by the official helm chart and specify the chainguard image as per below example:

helm repo add k8ssandra
helm repo update

helm install cass-operator k8ssandra/cass-operator -n cass-operator
helm upgrade cass-operator \
    -n cass-operator \
    --set \
    --set image.tag=latest
    --wait \

As per project documentation, by default, the Helm installation requires cert-manager to be present in the Kubernetes installation. If you do not have cert-manager installed, follow the steps at ([cert-manager’s] documentation.

Last updated: 2024-04-11 12:38