conda Image Tags History

Image Tags and History for the conda Chainguard Image

The following tables contains the most recent tags and digests that can be used to pin your Dockerfile to a specific build of this image. Check our guide on Using the Tag History API for information on how to fetch all tags from an image and how to pin your Dockerfile to a specific digest.

Please note that digests and timestamps only change when there is a change to the image, even though images are rebuilt every night. The “Last Changed” column indicates when the image was last modified, and doesn’t always reflect the latest build timestamp. For more information about how our reproducible builds work, please refer to this blog post.

Public Registry

The Public Registry contains our Developer Images, which typically comprise the latest* versions of an image.

Tag (s)Last ChangedDigest
latestMay 22ndsha256:a4a20630b2681f736811ef0705a1808fdb0b5651898463c7e45f38e10edbbbf8
latest-devMay 22ndsha256:ca527e0d40e76fb179340e43093bb54e4911d92354d2c78bc4a3d46957cb60cb

Private/Dedicated Registry

The Private/Dedicated Registry contains our Production Images, which include all versioned tags of an image and special images that are not available in the public registry (including FIPS images and other custom builds).

Tag (s)Last ChangedDigest
24.1.1-devMay 22ndsha256:f1ad3364cb198f3729899b0c66f2e7a1e6a4aa88ccd5cbbea8be4b2407968652
latest 24 24.1.2 24.1May 22ndsha256:c4629a65cadde1d0a6f527c2fec4727c6e8f055f55af2de074ca3e7cae5cd6dc
24.5 24.5.0May 22ndsha256:b527d64a0f1fb955fad263ca74950e994bef9fb5f3c42214020d9e308d6568ae
24.1-dev 24.1.2-dev latest-dev 24-devMay 22ndsha256:2d26b6a6037fd666333f7fba61d67bd45e34bd63f66f4497fde8c8f4530db95d
24.5-dev 24.5.0-devMay 22ndsha256:cf3026631f68469d4dadcccef89e3d3f9360ea3a32a07fae1fc00491a5dde448
24.1.1May 22ndsha256:436415ef8bda0309d25e53dae454c8dd578d48b81fc1f7d9364b118c024e6ac7
24.4.0-dev 24.4-devMay 8thsha256:db25b7d5ccc48668c852b24b06922024347fbd1b5fbd4a3c2dbc184f81d5cfa6
24.4 24.4.0May 8thsha256:12455aac60e4625f73e166b429c3f526ba9e018cc75b7a6339bde4d7b3618fe4
24.3-dev 24.3.0-devApril 25thsha256:65e9045a3417077a206733bcec75043a1e93822c967c7b576f8a90cd5998c827
24.3 24.3.0April 25thsha256:bd669722f6234d0662bb2bfb7860c15ec9fd729f1cbdc474765848a2e591ddfb

Last updated: 2024-05-23 00:45