Image Overview: datadog-agent

Overview: datadog-agent Chainguard Image

Minimalist Wolfi-based Datadog Agent to collect events and metrics from hosts and send them to Datadog.

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The Datadog Agent collects events and metrics from hosts and sends them to Datadog.


* Create a Datadog account.
* Have your Datadog API key on hand.

The DataDog Agent getting started guide is here:

Example Usage

docker run \
 --name dd-agent \
 -e DD_API_KEY=<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> \
 -e DD_SITE="" \
 -e DD_APM_ENABLED=true \
 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro \
 -v /proc/:/host/proc/:ro \
 -v /sys/fs/cgroup/:/host/sys/fs/cgroup:ro \
 -v /var/lib/docker/containers:/var/lib/docker/containers:ro \

For more detail, please refer to the DataDog Agent documentation.

Last updated: 2024-04-11 12:38