Image Overview: doppler-kubernetes-operator

Overview: doppler-kubernetes-operator Chainguard Image

Automatically sync secrets from Doppler to Kubernetes and auto-reload deployments when secrets change.

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docker pull

doppler-kubernetes-operator is a Kubernetes operator, which can be deployed using helm. Refer to the upstream repositories documentation for how to get started with doppler-kubernetes-operator.

helm repo add doppler
helm install doppler-kubernetes-operator doppler/doppler-kubernetes-operator

helm repo update
helm pull doppler/doppler-kubernetes-operator --untar
kubectl apply -f doppler-kubernetes-operator/crds/all.yaml

helm upgrade doppler-kubernetes-operator doppler/doppler-kubernetes-operator \
   --set \
   --set image.tag=latest

As per project documentation.

Last updated: 2024-04-11 12:38