git Image Tags History

Image Tags and History for the git Chainguard Image

The following table contains the most recent tags and digests that can be used to pin your Dockerfile to a specific build of this image. Check our guide on Using the Tag History API for information on how to fetch all tags from an image and how to pin your Dockerfile to a specific digest.

Please note that digests and timestamps only change when there is a change to the image, even though images are rebuilt every night. The “Last Changed” column indicates when the image was last modified, and doesn’t always reflect the latest build timestamp. For more information about how our reproducible builds work, please refer to this blog post.

Tag (s)Last ChangedDigest
latest-rootNovember 27thsha256:ce73f799dad82c742c960e3f74c9f64e67f8b14efdfdcc45cc1e56868a06add0
latestNovember 27thsha256:de5b44920f04ba659ca2d820a31124f4d928b6f221587fb3b6bf441a1704072a
latest-devNovember 27thsha256:4e24962d5b6e88b3d3c4750c9c44fcbde21129447eefdcebd1e8e5dad60f0586
latest-root-devNovember 27thsha256:371c58dc3e5fcc1c02ac4c9e4fddf89d90ff3768102b58e1d5ebd1157afa9e97
latest-glibc-root-devNovember 27thsha256:6abc1313f858de15ebabc6083e8c9a1c1ce030dab8e8f1dbeba5935a559690b2
latest-glibc-devNovember 27thsha256:705356a4724b1cb1ecb5e931104131c47106ab8dd90e06f690ef3cf37fa8191d
latest-glibc-rootNovember 27thsha256:cc99a0a71c223d7c568a8531ec194787769390b4df0d45f1fcdba7d91b7a03eb
latest-glibcNovember 27thsha256:d1f67e084bc6bfdf6f632c80737b63614116f2ff4644524dc93d26ecb839cdb8

Last updated: 2023-11-27 16:34