Image Overview: grafana

Overview: grafana Chainguard Image

A minimal wolfi-based image for grafana, which is an open-source monitoring and observability application

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Upstream documentation

For more information on grafana, refer to the grafana documentation. Additionally the grafana GitHub reposiory can be found here.


grafana can be deployed using the following helm chart:

Follow the instructions in the link above to deploy grafana using helm. Note you will need to override the default image and tag used, replacing with the chainguard image, example:

helm repo add grafana
helm repo update

helm install grafana \
  --set \
  --set image.tag=latest

Refer to the helm chart documentation for full instructions on how to use the helm chart.


grafana can be launched using docker. Refer to the grafana docker image documentation for full instructions.


docker run --name=local-grafana -p 3000:3000

The grafana Web UI would be accessible via:

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