Image Overview: grype

Overview: grype Chainguard Image

A vulnerability scanner for container images and filesystems

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Image Variants

Our latest tag uses the most recent build of the Wolfi grype package. The following tagged variant is available without authentication:

  • latest: This is an image for running grype commands. It does not include a shell or other applications.

grype help

This will automatically pull the image to your local system and execute the command grype help:

docker run --rm help

A vulnerability scanner for container images, filesystems, and SBOMs.

Supports the following image sources:
    grype yourrepo/yourimage:tag             defaults to using images from a Docker daemon
    grype path/to/yourproject                a Docker tar, OCI tar, OCI directory, SIF container, or generic filesystem directory

You can also explicitly specify the scheme to use:
    grype podman:yourrepo/yourimage:tag          explicitly use the Podman daemon
    grype docker:yourrepo/yourimage:tag          explicitly use the Docker daemon
    grype docker-archive:path/to/yourimage.tar   use a tarball from disk for archives created from "docker save"
    grype oci-archive:path/to/yourimage.tar      use a tarball from disk for OCI archives (from Podman or otherwise)
    grype oci-dir:path/to/yourimage              read directly from a path on disk for OCI layout directories (from Skopeo or otherwise)
    grype singularity:path/to/yourimage.sif      read directly from a Singularity Image Format (SIF) container on disk
    grype dir:path/to/yourproject                read directly from a path on disk (any directory)
    grype sbom:path/to/syft.json                 read Syft JSON from path on disk
    grype registry:yourrepo/yourimage:tag        pull image directly from a registry (no container runtime required)
    grype purl:path/to/purl/file                 read a newline separated file of purls from a path on disk

You can also pipe in Syft JSON directly:
	syft yourimage:tag -o json | grype

  grype [command]

Last updated: 2022-11-01 11:07