Image Overview: jenkins

Overview: jenkins Chainguard Image

Minimal Jenkins container image. Currently experimental.

Get It!

The image is available on

docker pull

Use It

This is an experimental image and subject to change. We welcome all feedback.

To test out the Chainguard Jenkins image, run the following command, which will create a volume to persist build and configuration data from the container’s $JENKINS_HOME:

docker run --rm -v jenkins_home:/var/jenkins_home -p 8080:8080 -ti

And visit Jenkins in your brower http://localhost:8080

If you want to backup your Jenkins data, create a local directory for the files and mount it along with the jenkins_home volume. You can then start a Jenkins container and copy the files out:

mkdir -m 777 jenkins-backup
docker run --rm \
  -v $PWD/jenkins-backup:/backup-dir \
  -v jenkins_home:/var/jenkins_home \
  -p 8080:8080 -ti \
  --entrypoint=/bin/bash \
cp -r /var/jenkins_home /backup-dir/

Last updated: 2022-11-01 11:07