k3s Image Tags History

Image Tags and History for the k3s Chainguard Image

The following tables contains the most recent tags and digests that can be used to pin your Dockerfile to a specific build of this image. Check our guide on Using the Tag History API for information on how to fetch all tags from an image and how to pin your Dockerfile to a specific digest.

Please note that digests and timestamps only change when there is a change to the image, even though images are rebuilt every night. The “Last Changed” column indicates when the image was last modified, and doesn’t always reflect the latest build timestamp. For more information about how our reproducible builds work, please refer to this blog post.

Public Registry

The Public Registry contains our Developer Images, which typically comprise the latest* versions of an image.

Tag (s)Last ChangedDigest
1.29.0 1 1.29 latestFebruary 27thsha256:2cce22ae3d776f2b924de7735bb10647320b1563dbca4ab1082a1eedae3b81c5
latest-dev 1.29.0-dev 1-dev 1.29-devFebruary 27thsha256:8dae581d49ef9d2df2fea11e2870581d48b52699ce08f5ad995262a3f673e259

Private/Dedicated Registry

The Private/Dedicated Registry contains our Production Images, which include all versioned tags of an image and special images that are not available in the public registry (including FIPS images and other custom builds).

Tag (s)Last ChangedDigest
1.29.0-dev 1.29-dev 1-dev latest-devFebruary 26thsha256:7fc76d3c013e977e6bc05dc55c19734beb6090b010cf6e6e0b929822c1516a1c
1.29.0 1 latest 1.29February 26thsha256:85b5d15887278ed110a626dd53309f1e7096ca6e3ab7764ab1ea7815b8adc1b3

Last updated: 2024-03-01 12:14