Image Overview: k8s-sidecar

Overview: k8s-sidecar Chainguard Image

Minimal image with the k8s-sidecar app.

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Using k8s-sidecar

The Chainguard k8s-sidecar image contains the k8s-sidecar python app. The default entrypoint just runs the k8s-sidecar app without any flags.

This image is a drop-in replacement for the upstream image. For full documentation on how to configure the app, check the upstream documentation.

$ docker run
{"time": "2023-03-31T11:50:30.950603+00:00", "msg": "Starting collector", "level": "INFO"}
{"time": "2023-03-31T11:50:30.950708+00:00", "msg": "No folder annotation was provided, defaulting to k8s-sidecar-target-directory", "level": "WARNING"}
{"time": "2023-03-31T11:50:30.950751+00:00", "msg": "Should have added {LABEL} as environment variable! Exit", "level": "CRITICAL"}

Last updated: 2024-04-11 12:38