Image Overview: loki

Overview: loki Chainguard Image

This image contains the loki application for log aggregation. loki can be used to stream, aggregate, and query logs from apps and infrastructure.

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docker pull

Use It!

The image can be run directly and sets the loki binary as the entrypoint with a default configuration:

docker run
level=warn ts=2023-09-02T00:50:53.025935792Z caller=loki.go:286 msg="per-tenant timeout not configured, using default engine timeout (\"5m0s\"). This behavior will change in the next major to always use the default per-tenant timeout (\"5m\")."
level=info ts=2023-09-02T00:50:53.026961126Z caller=main.go:108 msg="Starting Loki" version="(version=2.8.4, branch=HEAD, revision=89d282c)"
level=info ts=2023-09-02T00:50:53.027809417Z caller=server.go:323 http=[::]:3100 grpc=[::]:9095 msg="server listening on addresses"
level=warn ts=2023-09-02T00:50:53.029690834Z caller=cache.go:114 msg="fifocache config is deprecated. use embedded-cache instead"
level=warn ts=2023-09-02T00:50:53.029774501Z caller=experimental.go:20 msg="experimental feature in use" feature="In-memory (FIFO) cache - chunksembedded-cache"
level=info ts=2023-09-02T00:50:53.030041376Z caller=table_manager.go:134 msg="uploading tables"
level=info ts=2023-09-02T00:50:53.030075792Z caller=table_manager.go:262 msg="query readiness setup completed" duration=750ns distinct_users_len=0

This image is a drop-in replacement for official image at grafana/loki. See documentation there for how to configure it.

Last updated: 2024-04-11 12:38