Image Overview: memcached-exporter-bitnami

Overview: memcached-exporter-bitnami Chainguard Image

A memcached exporter for Prometheus that is compatible with Bitnami Helm charts.

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Using Memcached

By default the memcached-exporter serves on port at /metrics:

docker run -p 9150:9150
$ docker run -p 9150:9150
ts=2023-04-26T17:47:53.477Z caller=main.go:58 level=info msg="Starting memcached_exporter" version="(version=0.11.2, branch=HEAD, revision=48795923bbe6c23eb044c522283e0d865bffbc77)"
ts=2023-04-26T17:47:53.478Z caller=main.go:59 level=info msg="Build context" context="(go=go1.20.3, platform=linux/amd64, user=@fv-az251-622, date=19700101-00:00:00, tags=netgo)"
ts=2023-04-26T17:47:53.478Z caller=tls_config.go:232 level=info msg="Listening on" address=[::]:9150
ts=2023-04-26T17:47:53.478Z caller=tls_config.go:235 level=info msg="TLS is disabled." http2=false address=[::]:9150

Users and Directories

By default this image runs as a non-root user named nonroot with a uid of 65532.

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