Image Overview: newrelic-fluent-bit-output

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latest1, 1.16, 1.16.0, 1.16.0-r2
latest-dev1-dev, 1.16-dev, 1.16.0-dev, 1.16.0-r2-dev

The newrelic-fluent-bit-output plugin forwards output to New Relic. Minimal newrelic-fluent-bit-output container image.

Get It

The image is available on

docker pull


Fluent Bit needs to know the location of the New Relic output plugin. We already added the plugin to the image, so you just need to tell Fluent Bit where to find it which is “/fluent-bit/bin/” in the image.

Add the following to your Fluent Bit configuration file and save it as fluent-bit.conf:

    Name tail
    Path /path/to/your/log/file

    Name newrelic
    Match *
    licenseKey <NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY>

    Name modify
    Match *
    Add hostname <HOSTNAME>
    Add service_name <SERVICE_NAME>

Then run Fluent Bit with the following command:

docker run -v /path/to/your/config/file:/fluent-bit/etc/fluent-bit.conf:ro -v /path/to/your/log/file:/path/to/your/log/file:ro -c /fluent-bit/etc/fluent-bit.conf -e /fluent-bit/bin/