Image Overview: node-feature-discovery

Overview: node-feature-discovery Chainguard Image

A minimal wolfi-based image for node-feature-discovery, Node feature discovery for Kubernetes

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Upstream documentation

For more information on node-feature-discovery, refer to the node-feature-discovery documentation. Additionally the node-feature-discovery GitHub reposiory can be found here.


Node-feature-discovery can be deployed using the following helm chart:

Follow the instructions in the link above to deploy node-feature-discovery using helm. Note you will need to override the default image and tag used, replacing with the chainguard image, example:

helm repo add node-feature-discovery
helm repo update

export NFD_NS=node-feature-discovery
helm install nfd/node-feature-discovery --namespace $NFD_NS --create-namespace --generate-name \
  --set \
  --set image.tag=latest

Refer to the helm chart documentation for full instructions on how to use the helm chart.

Last updated: 2024-04-16 00:44