Image Overview: nri-prometheus

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latest2, 2.18, 2.18.1, 2.18.1-r1
latest-dev2-dev, 2.18-dev, 2.18.1-dev, 2.18.1-r1-dev

Minimal image with the New Relic Prometheus Integration binary.

Get It!

The image is available on

docker pull

This image is a drop-in replacement for the nri-prometheus image available upstream at newrelic/nri-prometheus.

You can run this in helm with:

helm upgrade \
    --install \
    newrelic-prometheus nri-prometheus/newrelic-prometheus \
    --set \
    --set image.integration.tag="latest" \
    --set cluster=$CLUSTER --set licenseKey=$LICENSE_KEY

NOTE: This image requires a license key to run properly, which you can obtain from New Relic.


The tests for this image also require a license key, which is configured in a secret in Github Actions.