Image Overview: ntpd-rs

Overview: ntpd-rs Chainguard Image

Minimal image with ntpd-rs.

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Using ntpd-rs

The Chainguard nptd-rs image contains the ntp-daemon server binary.

This binary requires extra capabilities to run (in order to interface with the system time). In Docker, this can be added with --cap-add SYS_TIME.

To run this image, using the public server as a peer:

$ docker run --cap-add SYS_TIME -p

2023-04-02T18:50:30.985666Z  WARN ntp_daemon::config: Fewer peers configured than are required to agree on the current time. Daemon will not do anything.
2023-04-02T18:50:31.001470Z  WARN ntp_proto::peer: Peer rejected due to invalid stratum stratum=16
2023-04-02T18:50:31.094893Z  WARN run{config=SystemConfig { min_intersection_survivors: 3, min_cluster_survivors: 3, frequency_tolerance: FrequencyTolerance { ppm: 15 }, distance_threshold: NtpDuration(1000.0000002328306 ms), frequency_measurement_period: NtpDuration(900000.0002095476 ms), spike_threshold: NtpDuration(900000.0002095476 ms), panic_threshold: StepThreshold { forward: Some(NtpDuration(1000000.0002328306 ms)), backward: Some(NtpDuration(1000000.0002328306 ms)) }, startup_panic_threshold: StepThreshold { forward: None, backward: None }, accumulated_threshold: None, local_stratum: 16, poll_limits: PollIntervalLimits { min: PollInterval(16 s), max: PollInterval(1024 s) }, initial_poll: PollInterval(16 s) } local_clock_time=NtpInstant { instant: Instant { tv_sec: 331968, tv_nsec: 938303897 } } system_poll=PollInterval(16 s) peers=[PeerIndex { index: 0 }]}:clock_select{peers=[(PeerIndex { index: 0 }, PeerTimeSnapshot { root_distance_without_time: NtpDuration(8035.252420705569 ms), statistics: PeerStatistics { offset: NtpDuration(47.34621826730347 ms), delay: NtpDuration(93.3494211857555 ms), dispersion: NtpDuration(7937.502728527762 ms), jitter: 3.814697266513178e-6 }, time: NtpInstant { instant: Instant { tv_sec: 331968, tv_nsec: 938270064 } }, stratum: 2, leap_indicator: NoWarning, root_delay: NtpDuration(60.57739259222927 ms), root_dispersion: NtpDuration(20.782470707963796 ms) })]}: ntp_proto::clock_select: No clique of peers that agree on the current time.
2023-04-02T18:50:31.094923Z  INFO ntp_proto::algorithm::standard: filter and combine did not produce a result

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