Image Overview: nvidia-device-plugin

Overview: nvidia-device-plugin Chainguard Image

Minimal nvidia-device-plugin container image.

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docker pull


Ensure your environment satisfies the prerequisites.

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To test:

$ docker run --rm --help

   NVIDIA Device Plugin - NVIDIA device plugin for Kubernetes

   nvidia-device-plugin [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

commit: e6c111aff19eab995e8d0f4345169e8c310d2f9c

   help, h  Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --mig-strategy value           the desired strategy for exposing MIG devices on GPUs that support it:
                                    [none | single | mixed] (default: "none") [$MIG_STRATEGY]
   --fail-on-init-error           fail the plugin if an error is encountered during initialization, otherwise block indefinitely (default: true) [$FAIL_ON_INIT_ERROR]
   --nvidia-driver-root value     the root path for the NVIDIA driver installation (typical values are '/' or '/run/nvidia/driver') (default: "/") [$NVIDIA_DRIVER_ROOT]
   --pass-device-specs            pass the list of DeviceSpecs to the kubelet on Allocate() (default: false) [$PASS_DEVICE_SPECS]
   --device-list-strategy value   the desired strategy for passing the device list to the underlying runtime:
                                    [envvar | volume-mounts | cdi-annotations] (default: "envvar")  (accepts multiple inputs) [$DEVICE_LIST_STRATEGY]
   --device-id-strategy value     the desired strategy for passing device IDs to the underlying runtime:
                                    [uuid | index] (default: "uuid") [$DEVICE_ID_STRATEGY]
   --gds-enabled                  ensure that containers are started with NVIDIA_GDS=enabled (default: false) [$GDS_ENABLED]
   --mofed-enabled                ensure that containers are started with NVIDIA_MOFED=enabled (default: false) [$MOFED_ENABLED]
   --config-file value            the path to a config file as an alternative to command line options or environment variables [$CONFIG_FILE]
   --cdi-annotation-prefix value  the prefix to use for CDI container annotation keys (default: "") [$CDI_ANNOTATION_PREFIX]
   --nvidia-ctk-path value        the path to use for the nvidia-ctk in the generated CDI specification (default: "/usr/bin/nvidia-ctk") [$NVIDIA_CTK_PATH]
   --container-driver-root value  the path where the NVIDIA driver root is mounted in the container; used for generating CDI specifications (default: "/driver-root") [$CONTAINER_DRIVER_ROOT]
   --help, -h                     show help (default: false)
   --version, -v                  print the version (default: false)

To use the Chainguard Images variant, override the values below in your values.yaml to use with Helm:

  tag: latest

When using this image with the nvidia/gpu-operator helm chart bash is required to run the mounted /bin/ script.

For this you should use the latest-dev variant.

helm repo add nvidia
helm repo update

helm install --wait gpu  -n gpu-operator --create-namespace nvidia/gpu-operator


   enabled: false
  image: nvidia-device-plugin
  tag: latest-dev

Last updated: 2024-04-11 12:38