Image Overview: pgbouncer-fips

Overview: pgbouncer-fips Chainguard Image

This image contains the CLI for the pgbouncer connection pooler for PostgreSQL. This image contains the pgbouncer binary and can be used directly.

Download this Image

The image is available on

docker pull

Use It!

The image can be run directly and sets the pgbouncer tool as the entrypoint:

docker run
/usr/bin/pgbouncer is a connection pooler for PostgreSQL.

  /usr/bin/pgbouncer [OPTION]... CONFIG_FILE

  -d, --daemon         run in background (as a daemon)
  -q, --quiet          run quietly
  -R, --reboot         do an online reboot
  -u, --user=USERNAME  assume identity of USERNAME
  -v, --verbose        increase verbosity
  -V, --version        show version, then exit
  -h, --help           show this help, then exit

Report bugs to <>.
PgBouncer home page: <>

Note that pgbouncer typically needs a configuration file to run. One is not provided here in the image by default. You can find documentation on how to configure one in the upstream documentation..

Last updated: 2024-04-11 12:38