postgres-bitnami-fips Image Tags History

Image Tags and History for the postgres-bitnami-fips Chainguard Image

The following tables contains the most recent tags and digests that can be used to pin your Dockerfile to a specific build of this image. Check our guide on Using the Tag History API for information on how to fetch all tags from an image and how to pin your Dockerfile to a specific digest.

Please note that digests and timestamps only change when there is a change to the image, even though images are rebuilt every night. The “Last Changed” column indicates when the image was last modified, and doesn’t always reflect the latest build timestamp. For more information about how our reproducible builds work, please refer to this blog post.

Public Registry

The Public Registry contains our Developer Images, which typically comprise the latest* versions of an image.

Currently, there are no Developer versions of this image available.

Private/Dedicated Registry

The Private/Dedicated Registry contains our Production Images, which include all versioned tags of an image and special images that are not available in the public registry (including FIPS images and other custom builds).

Tag (s)Last ChangedDigest
16.3 16 latestMay 16thsha256:b4daa06b022ce8cb148569ef1078842df937be9aab010d83802f7b203b936768
15 15.7May 16thsha256:f82367f0cc6069149c5336b8a8f740199aacf95592ac2049d3bd963446c6ce0f
16-dev latest-dev 16.3-devMay 16thsha256:325b8516ff72a6681e8a68814534ff6015cfd26e6f499c3e771ad579d5130217
14-dev 14.12-devMay 16thsha256:b28e15c7bb0ea92c353ca9182a0cefb5d8507407b76043550407cfa194d02165
15-dev 15.7-devMay 16thsha256:eafa32b25aa7de69b71bf66be6a6712e4da4e8fe0885f2719e27ef94fc90aad1
14 14.12May 16thsha256:06101cfabcd20bc0da505357f12ec20f1dff5d36fb6a1a6a2e24f1fa86bef862
16.2-devMay 9thsha256:f6484f6287ef0d7db568bc62f3b17824e3b4a4c6fae39cfeb973de7254ad808d
16.2May 9thsha256:94325e023ca1418ede0f1ab9008d3d569801c64ce6379c9c14c7b85a8c081865
15.6May 6thsha256:34bee449a0368ca974361920a26d4b1de87be7d249d286b131d9cdabce9da2ce
15.6-devMay 6thsha256:275e2dc35e0ca436475769320d664758763c3776a10cbff44d7ca7a42287425d
14.11-devMay 6thsha256:6085490e683153b4c670f5af7448b08161aaad4c47b96267ab99bac344cb8b65
14.11May 6thsha256:7c59ecbed962e9bfb2671f5e4d74ca380301de5f0caaa8b5914a934d4be4596c

Last updated: 2024-05-17 00:44