Image Overview: prometheus-elasticsearch-exporter

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latest1, 1.5, 1.5.0, 1.5.0-r3

Minimal Prometheus Image

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docker pull


This image is a drop-in replacement for the upstream image. For full configuration, see the documentation there.

To test:

$ docker run
level=info ts=2023-03-31T23:08:40.120364051Z caller=clusterinfo.go:214 msg="triggering initial cluster info call"
level=info ts=2023-03-31T23:08:40.120446635Z caller=clusterinfo.go:183 msg="providing consumers with updated cluster info label"
level=error ts=2023-03-31T23:08:40.121301718Z caller=clusterinfo.go:267 msg="failed to get cluster info" err="Get \"http://localhost:9200/\": dial tcp connect: connection refused"
level=error ts=2023-03-31T23:08:40.121330676Z caller=clusterinfo.go:188 msg="failed to retrieve cluster info from ES" err="Get \"http://localhost:9200/\": dial tcp connect: connection refused"