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Minimal Prometheus Image

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This image requires a MySQL crednetials file, and does not include one by default. The default location that the mysqld_exporter expects this file to be placed at is /home/mysqld_exporter/.my.cnf

Examples can be found be found in the MySQL documentation.

THe default port that the mysqld_exporter listens on is 9104.

To test:
ts=2023-03-05T17:41:10.354Z caller=mysqld_exporter.go:226 level=info msg="Starting mysqld_exporter" version="(version=0.14.0, branch=main, revision=104e2f6d2c718485edb17f2632a65bf59aa9e9d0)"
ts=2023-03-05T17:41:10.355Z caller=mysqld_exporter.go:227 level=info msg="Build context" build_context="(go=go1.20.1, user=root@b09550c7a7e0, date=19700101-00:00:00)"
ts=2023-03-05T17:41:10.355Z caller=config.go:146 level=error msg="failed to validate config" section=client err="no user specified in section or parent"
ts=2023-03-05T17:41:10.355Z caller=mysqld_exporter.go:231 level=info msg="Error parsing host config" file=/home/mysqld_exporter/.my.cnf err="no configuration found"