Image Overview: qdrant

Overview: qdrant Chainguard Image

qdrant Qdrant is a high-performance, massive-scale Vector Database for the next generation of AI.

Get It!

The image is available on

docker pull

Using Qdrant

This image should be a drop-in replacement for the upstream image, and works by default in the helm charts.

To install, follow the steps here:

But override the image variable in the helm chart:

$ helm repo add qdrant
$ helm upgrade --install qdrant --set --set image.tag=latest qdrant/qdrant

The only notable difference is that this image contains both a root and a non-root user, so you can’t/don’t need to use the useUnprivileged helm variable

Because the helm chart uses the same image for intializing file system permissions and running the final app, we have to run as a root user by default. The image can still be run as a non-root user (in this case qdrant), and the helm chart properly sets that up by default.

Last updated: 2022-11-01 11:07