Image Overview: r-base

Overview: r-base Chainguard Image

This image contains the R programming language and environment.It can be used for statistical analysis, machine learning and data visualization.

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The image is available on

docker pull

Use It!

The image can be run directly and sets the R wrapper as the entrypoint:

docker run

Usage: R [options] [< infile] [> outfile]
   or: R CMD command [arguments]

Start R, a system for statistical computation and graphics, with the
specified options, or invoke an R tool via the 'R CMD' interface.

  -h, --help            Print short help message and exit
  --version             Print version info and exit
  --encoding=ENC        Specify encoding to be used for stdin
  --encoding ENC
  RHOME                 Print path to R home directory and exit

The binary also contains the Rscript wrapper:

docker run --entrypoint=/usr/bin/Rscript

Usage: Rscript [options] file [args]
   or: Rscript [options] -e expr [-e expr2 ...] [args]
A binary front-end to R, for use in scripting applications.

  --help              Print usage and exit
  --version           Print version and exit
  --verbose           Print information on progress
  --default-packages=LIST  Attach these packages on startup;
                        a comma-separated LIST of package names, or 'NULL'
and options to R (in addition to --no-echo --no-restore), for example:
  --save              Do save workspace at the end of the session
  --no-environ        Don't read the site and user environment files
  --no-site-file      Don't read the site-wide Rprofile
  --no-init-file      Don't read the user R profile
  --restore           Do restore previously saved objects at startup
  --vanilla           Combine --no-save, --no-restore, --no-site-file,
                        --no-init-file and --no-environ

Expressions (one or more '-e <expr>') may be used *instead* of 'file'.
Any additional 'args' can be accessed from R via 'commandArgs(TRUE)'.
See also  ?Rscript  from within R.

Note that the standard version of this image requires a shell because R is typically invoked through built-in shell wrappers.

Last updated: 2024-02-16 00:30