Image Overview: skaffold

Overview: skaffold Chainguard Image

Minimal container image for running skaffold apps

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Compatibility Notes

The image specifies a default non-root skaffold user (UID 65532), and a working directory at /app, owned by that skaffold user, and accessible to all users.

This image includes skaffold, helm, kubectl, kpt, kustomize, and the google-cloud-sdk.


This image should be a drop-in replacement for the upstream skaffold-slim image. See the full documentation for usage.

% docker run
A tool that facilitates continuous development for Kubernetes applications.

  Find more information at:

End-to-end Pipelines:
  run               Run a pipeline
  dev               Run a pipeline in development mode
  debug             Run a pipeline in debug mode

Pipeline Building Blocks:
  build             Build the artifacts
  test              Run tests against your built application images
  deploy            Deploy pre-built artifacts
  delete            Delete any resources deployed by Skaffold
  render            Generate rendered Kubernetes manifests
  apply             Apply hydrated manifests to a cluster
  verify            Run verification tests against skaffold deployments

Getting Started With a New Project:
  init              Generate configuration for deploying an application

Other Commands:
  completion        Output shell completion for the given shell (bash, fish or zsh)
  config            Interact with the global Skaffold config file (defaults to `$HOME/.skaffold/config`)
  diagnose          Run a diagnostic on Skaffold
  fix               Update old configuration to a newer schema version
  schema            List JSON schemas used to validate skaffold.yaml configuration
  survey            Opens a web browser to fill out the Skaffold survey
  version           Print the version information

  skaffold [flags] [options]

Use "skaffold <command> --help" for more information about a given command.
Use "skaffold options" for a list of global command-line options (applies to all commands).

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