Image Overview: smarter-device-manager

Overview: smarter-device-manager Chainguard Image

Minimalist Wolfi-based image for smarter device manager.

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Smarter-device-manager is a Kubernetes tool designed for IoT applications, enabling containers to securely access host devices like sensors, actuators, and various hardware interfaces.



Deploy using one of the example manifests provided in the upstream projects Gitlab repository: Smart Device Manager.

If using one of the manifests from the upstream repository, you’ll need to change the config mountPath to /etc/smarter-device-manager(in place of /root/config).

Helm chart

The following helm chart can be used: helm chart.

You’ll need to override the image and tag:

helm repo add gabe565
helm repo update
helm install smart-device-manager gabe565/smarter-device-manager \
 --set --set image.tag=latest

Last updated: 2024-04-11 12:38