Image Overview: superset

Overview: superset Chainguard Image

A minimal, wolfi-based image for Apache Superset. Apache Supersetis a Data Visualization and Data Exploration Platform

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The image is available on

docker pull

Deploying Apache Superset with Helm

Deploying Apache Superset with Chainguard’s images is straightforward using the official Superset Helm chart.

First, add the Superset Helm repository:

helm repo add superset

# Deploy Superset using:

helm install superset superset/superset \
  --set extraSecretEnv.SUPERSET_SECRET_KEY="$(openssl rand -base64 42)" \
  --set \
  --set image.tag=latest

You can also customize your Helm deployment by editing the values.yaml after fetching the chart:

helm fetch superset/superset –untar Then edit values.yaml to use Chainguard’s images/tags:

  tag: latest

Deploy your customized Helm chart:

helm install superset .

For detailed instructions on deploying Apache Superset via Helm, consult the official Apache Superset Helm chart documentation.


With Apache Superset running, access the web interface by navigating to http://localhost:8088. Login with the default credentials or the ones you have configured.

You can now manage databases, create visualizations, and configure your dashboards.

Last updated: 2024-05-06 00:43