Image Overview: wave-fips

Overview: wave-fips Chainguard Image

Wave watches Deployments within a Kubernetes cluster and ensures that each Deployment’s Pods always have up to date configuration.

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Compatibility Warning

Starting from versions v0.6.0, wave project add supports for go1.22 with Kubernetes v1.29.

If you are using older versions of Kubernetes, please note that the latest version of wave may or may not be compatible with your Kubernetes version.

If you notice any behavioral changes or issues between your version of wave vs the latest Chainguard image, please file an issue on the upstream repository.


You can deploy the wave with the Helm:

helm repo add wave-k8s
helm update
helm install wave wave-k8s/wave \
  --namespace wave \
	--create-namespace \
	--set image.repository="" \
	--set image.tag="latest" \

Find more on the Helm Chart values!

Please follow upstream documentation for usage and configuration.

Last updated: 2024-04-30 00:52