Reference docs for the go/build melange pipeline

Run a build using the go compiler


  • go
  • busybox
  • ca-certificates-bundle


packages*List of space-separated packages to compile. Files con also be specified.This value is passed as an argument to go build. All paths are relativeto inputs.modroot.
tagsA comma-separated list of build tags to pass to the go compiler
output*Filename to use when writing the binary. The final install location inside the apk will be in prefix / install-dir / output
modrootTop directory of the go module, this is where go.mod lives. Before buidingthe go pipeline wil cd into this directory. Default is set to .
prefixPrefix to relocate binaries Default is set to usr
ldflagsList of [pattern=]arg to pass to the go compiler with -ldflags
install-dirDirectory where binaries will be installed Default is set to bin


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