How to Query Rekor

Access the data stored in Sigstore's transparency log, Rekor

An earlier version of this material was published in the Rekor chapter of the Linux Foundation Sigstore course.

Rekor is the transparency log of Sigstore, which stores records of artifact metadata. Before querying Rekor, you should have the rekor-cli installed, which you can achieve by following the “How to Install the Rekor CLI” tutorial.

In order to access the data stored in Rekor, the rekor-cli requires either the log index of an entry or the UUID of a software artifact.

For instance, to retrieve entry number 100 from the public log, use this command:

rekor-cli get --rekor_server --log-index 100

An abridged version of the output is below:

LogID: c0d23d6ad406973f9559f3ba2d1ca01f84147d8ffc5b8445c224f98b9591801d
Index: 100
IntegratedTime: 2021-01-19T19:38:52Z
UUID: 2343d145e62b1051b6a2a54582b69a821b13f31054539660a020963bac0b33dc
Body: {
  "RekordObj": {
    "data": {
      "hash": {
        "algorithm": "sha256",
        "value": "bf9f7899c65cc4decf96658762c84015878e5e2e41171bdb39e6ac39b4d6b797"
    "signature": {
      "content": "LS0tL…S0=",
      "format": "pgp",
      "publicKey": {
        "content": "LS…0tLS0="

The next command will produce the same output but uses the UUID to retrieve the artifact:

rekor-cli get --uuid 2343d145e62b1051b6a2a54582b69a821b13f31054539660a020963bac0b33dc

It is also possible to use a web API to return results that are similar to those above. For instance, we can use curl to fetch the same artifact by its UUID with the following query:

curl -X GET ""

By appending the UUID value returned by the rekor-cli get command that we ran before, we can obtain detailed information about a specific artifact that has been previously registered within the Rekor public instance.