How To Integrate Ping Identity SSO with Chainguard
Procedural tutorial on how to create a Ping Identity Application
Mirror new Images to Google Artifact Registry with Chainguard CloudEvents
Instructional guide outlining how one can set up an application that will listen for push events on a private Chainguard Registry and mirror any new Chainguard Images to a GCP Artifact Registry.
How to Set Up Pull Through from Chainguard Registry to Cloudsmith
Tutorial outlining how to set up a Cloudsmith repository to pull Images through from the Chainguard Registry.
Create an Assumable Identity for a Bitbucket Pipeline
Procedural tutorial outlining how to create a Chainguard identity that can be assumed by a Bitbucket workflow.
How To Integrate Azure Active Directory SSO with Chainguard
Procedural tutorial on how to register an Azure Active Directory Application
How to Use Chainguard Images
A primer on how to migrate to Chainguard Images
How to Port a Sample Application to Chainguard Images
This article works through porting a small but complete application to use Chainguard Images. As we'll see, this is relatively straightforward, but it is important to be aware of some of the differences to other common images.